c+p wedding - 10/2015

I don't shoot weddings as a rule, except when I do!  There are incredibly talented wedding photographers out there whose experience at capturing a bride's and groom's special day far outstrips my own.   However, sometimes you just have to say yes when a bride-to-be asks you to capture their day for the simple reason that she wants her day documented in your photographic style.  I was completely honored to be asked and hoped I could deliver photos that were true to my candid style and which lived up to their expectations.

The incredibly beautiful bride, her gracious groom, and the location at the San Francisco Film Centre in the Presidio made my job (relatively) easy. 

These two lovely people were completely supportive and I felt fortunate that they had so much faith in me.  In the end, I learned an incredible amount about shooting a wedding and enjoyed every moment. 

When I do shoot another wedding, my only requirement will be that the bride have tattoos.