5 on 5 - september

Five photos on the fifth of the month - a no pressure photo project with like-minded photo friends (and a sister).  No rules and no themes, just tell a story with some favourite photos from the previous month, and link to the next person in line.

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Continuing from my Viewfinders post last week, I picked out a few more photos from a road trip with my husband a few weeks ago for this 5 on 5.  It was just us, which is a rare thing - our daughter was at camp, we even left the dog behind with friends. 

It was quiet.  There were trees, and light, and water.  And a marmot (although he evaded my camera).

We walked.  We found quiet places where sometimes we raised our cameras and sometimes we didn't. 

We followed paths (me) and broke trail (him).

Whenever I could, shoes and socks came off and my feet were in the water.  I became fond of these two rocks getting cozy.  (Tell me you see the faces??)

We mostly camped, but treated ourselves to a cozy cabin for the last two nights. 

There is some melancholy now that we are back and immersed in work and school and the fact that it's officially September.  But there are always weekends and opportunities to jump in the car and GO when we most need it, so it's a sweet melancholy.

Happy September!  I wish you soft landings as we shift from summer to autumn schedules.  I'll be dreaming of trees.

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