10 on 10 - july

Can you take too many pictures of the beach?  At the beach?  Your family on the beach?  Your dog digging holes at the beach?  I think not.  This month's 10 on 10 photo project (10 photos on the 10th of the month) is all about the load-up-the-van get-out-of-town roadtrip.

This summer, we are staying close(ish) to home - no traveling overseas, just road trips, some camping, and beach visits for a few days here and there in between projects.  Which is okay by us.  And cheaper.

When we don't have a lot of time we just head up - or in this case, down - the Northern California coast for a few days.  It's usually possible to find beaches with very few people on them.  We stop for 10 minutes or a couple of hours, as the whim takes us.

This tirp we had some sun, and lots of fog.  Which makes the Northern California coastline even more beautiful.

This trip we had some sun and lots of fog.  Didn't matter ... still beautiful in colour or black and white.

Black and white just seemed to fit.

Dog inquires why we are posing for photos instead of playing.

Sometimes the photos are imperfect, but the fact that she is still happy to not only road trip with her parents but immerse herself in what is around her?  Makes me incredibly happy.

The dog doing what he does.

Proof that I'm on this road trip too, while on our way to the campsite.

Saturated with sand, sea and sky, we headed to our campsite where our 12 year old led us in some unconventional yoga to loosen up before nightfall.

Marshmallows were roasted, drinks were made, meatballs were heated on the camp stove for dinner and our neighbour played his harp as accompaniment.  So much better than a boombox.

We are back home already and dreaming of where the road will take us next.

- - - - - - - - - -

Thanks for joining us on our 10 on 10 this month!  Next up is Maite Pons - click to see her delicious photography and then click through to the next person til you've been right around the loop!