5 on 5 - march

Time for another 5 on 5 (five photos on the fifth of the month) - a no pressure photo project with like-minded photo friends.  No rules and no themes, just tell a story with some favourite photos from the previous month, and link to the next person in line.

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For winter break, my daughter and I visited my hometown outside of Toronto, traveling from the beginnings of spring in Northern California to sub-zero temperatures and frozen nose hairs.

Although we spent short stints outside, the cold required warmer pursuits so we went to Casa Loma - a local landmark - where my eye was immediately drawn to the small details (who doesn't love an old typewriter?) ...

...and dinners cooked by both my sister and my mother, whose well-loved and dog-eared cookbooks are as familiar to me as the meals made from them.

In between staying warm, family dinners and planning fun events for my daughter and nieces, my sister and I always try to carve out some time to spend together.  At the very least it's a glass of wine and a movie, collapsed on the couch in her family room, but even that didn't work out during this visit.  So on our last afternoon she and I dropped the kids like hot potatoes at home and went in search of things to photograph in the snowy landscape and time to chat without interruption.

When I was growing up in Ontario, we would head north in the summers to lake country and I was always charmed by turn-of-the-century farmhouses and barns along the way.  I've always wanted to go back and photograph a series of them, especially since these days they are an increasingly rare species as developers buy up the farm land and contribute to urban sprawl. 

My sister and I found two farmhouses on our afternoon jaunt.  I found it sad to see them unloved and abandoned...

On a future trip, I'm determined to make time for drives in the country in search of not only the sad and empty, but the many remaining working farmhouses and barns.

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