5 on 5 - february

Another photo project and more reasons to stay inspired, accountable, creative, and have some fun with fellow shooters!  This 5 on 5 (five photos on the fifth of the month) is a no pressure project cooked up with some online and IRL friends, and one real life sister.  There are no rules and no themes, just post some favourite photos from the previous month (or two.  or three.), tell a story about them (or not) and link on to the next person in line.

In my most recent post on Viewfinders, I ended with a teaser of sorts about rewarding my dog Toby for waiting patiently in the car while I made numerous stops on a photo jaunt.

Just look at him.... what a good boy.  Okay buddy, it's your turn.

Where else would we go but the beach?

Where there is ample sand to dig and dig...

... and dig some more.

And after an hour of running and barking and chasing balls and digging at least ten holes, there was this....

Because sometimes a nap is exactly what's needed. 

- - - - - - - - - -

Please check out Janice of Shine Photo & Design's 5 on 5 for this month.  She's got a brand spankin' new website and after you've had a look around, click on to the next person in our blogroll.  Thanks for joining us!